The SouthCoast attracts a diverse group of travelers from all parts of the country, as well as the world.

Due to its remarkable shoreline, proximity to exceptional clean waterways, majestic farms, and a little-known secret—the Elizabeth Islands—many flock to the area for a more bohemian type of vacation.

If you are looking for a relaxed but unique and distinctive day trip, leaving you with the feeling of adventure, the island of Cuttyhunk is a delightful alternative to the hustle of the Vineyard, Nantucket, or Block Island.

Cuttyhunk, sometimes referred to as “The Rock,” is a small island with a lot of history and character. Lying just a few miles off the coast of Massachusetts, it retains an indescribable sense of remoteness from daily routine, giving guests a feeling of solitude and complete relaxation.

The island’s inviting harbor is perhaps one of the most picturesque havens the ancient glaciers carved from the coast; and, whether it’s full, or there a couple of solitary boats bobbing in the mooring field, it’s an experience which cannot be put into words.

Rich with sandy beaches, jaw-dropping views, and the sound of surf methodically slapping its shores, this laid-back vacation spot runs on island time, making it the perfect location to spend the day, week or month.

Far from our habitual intake of news and technology, Cuttyhunk offers a reprieve from everyday stress and provides an opportunity to remove pent-up tension and replace it with creativity.

One quickly becomes re-grounded when listening to blasts from a foghorn, bait splashing, or the crashing sounds of the ocean along Barges Beach. It’s a secret location that the locals would love to keep hidden for their enjoyment, but must open its doors to tourists who will call the island home during their stay. With plenty of accommodations, the island’s rustic inns and cottages can be found perched on the winding and twisting roads (where most walk, bike, or drive a golf cart), and offer the most dramatic vistas your mind will hold onto and cherish for a lifetime.

Cuttyhunk is known as the heart of sportfishing by New England’s fishing community, while sailors find it to be a favorite destination for a layover or to pick up lunch and some fuel.

Day-trippers have been known to call the island “primitive” when describing it to others, while many who are more seasoned, have an opinion that a journey to the island is like buying a ticket to paradise. In any case, there’s nothing to compare it too—it is a one-of-a-kind adventure.

A day on Cuttyhunk is not all that tough, but be advised, it can be similar to hiking in the mountains—you must be prepared. Pack sunblock, aspirin, any medication you may need, a cooler with your lunch, snacks, and water are the basics for an enjoyable day. Of course, a blanket or towel will be necessary so you might lounge on one of the many beaches.

Be sure to bring a light jacket or overshirt since it will be cooler when you return to the mainland.

Another interesting note about Cuttyhunk is that you never know what will be open or available. With fewer guests during the beginning of the season, don’t expect stores and dockside shacks to be fully functional—and if they are, pickings might
be thin.

The Cuttyhunk Ferry Company, owned and operated by Captain Jono and his wife, Sue Billings, offers daily travel and freight service from the New Bedford Seaport. Complete with lunches, snacks, and bathroom facilities (don’t want you to think you’ll be on your own there), the ease of travel is beyond compare. Their courteous crew will quickly load the boat and get you aboard for great sightseeing and the start of your vacation. Captain Jono knows the trip well and accommodates his guests with anecdotes about the journey, the area, and what you can expect to see once you arrive at your destination.

Be sure to bring a camera or whatever device you own so that you’ll be able to record your blissful day on the “rock”— but one thing to emphasize; it’s doubtful you’ll be texting or calling
anyone because service isn’t the best, and that’s a good thing.

We look forward to seeing you at the pier.

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