It’s a chocolate business built on generations of tradition; Hilliards Chocolates—a leading maker of fine chocolates and specialty candies—is a family-owned business in its fourth generation.

During the early 1900s, Perley and Jessie Hilliard (husband and wife) were introduced to the business of candy through Jessie’s father, Marcellus Parker. The latter owned a candy store in the Boston suburb of Haverhill. 

Yet it wouldn’t be until 1919 when Perley Hilliard took a job making candy in the Priscilla Sears factory in the Boston neighborhood of Hyde Park, would he begin to learn first-hand (and hands-on) the craft of making fine chocolate and other sweets.

Perley got the candy bug—and he was not content to work and make candy for someone other than himself; the Hilliards needed to make and sell their own sweets, which
they started doing in 1924 when they and a business partner opened a candy store in the Wollaston section of Quincy.

For generations and through the ups and downs of history, Hilliards Chocolates have been time-tested and considered one of the best confectioners in New England.

If you are looking for an impressive gift, or wish to steal a heart, then either call or email them today.

Valentine’s Truffle Collection, $49.95 (12 truffles) 

An intoxicating assortment of truffles flavored with some of your favorite liqueurs! Two gifts in one, this decadent assortment of handcrafted dessert-sized truffles are beautifully featured in a wooden keepsake box perfect for jewelry or knick-knacks of your choosing. Assorted Truffle flavors include Strawberry Champagne, Kahlua, Grand Marnier, Irish Cream, Amaretto, and classic Chocolate.

Bouquet of a Dozen Chocolate Roses, $45.95/dozen 

The perfect marriage of two beloved Valentine’s Day favorites, a dozen decadent, creamy, solid milk or dark chocolate roses come attractively packaged as if coming from the florist! A welcomed surprise for the chocolate lover in your life who has an affinity for roses as well. (Pick from different quantities.)

Craft Beer Lovers
Collection, $32.00

For the ultimate craft beer lover with a sweet tooth, Hilliards Chocolates has packaged together with its famous Craft Beer Brittle and its award-winning Craft Beer Caramels for a salty, sweet, and hoppy Valentine’s Day treat for the beer enthusiasts. Infused with Shovel Town Double IPA beer, this adorable selection of caramels and brittle is a winning gift for the beer lover. 

Craft Beer Caramels 

Hilliards Chocolates introduces a unique and inventive take on its signature caramel recipe with new Craft Beer Caramels. Hilliards Chocolates buttery small-batch caramel is infused with local Shovel Town Brewery Double IPA beer and then dipped in smooth dark chocolate topped with Langwater Farm hops and crushed pretzel sea salt. Salty and sweet with a touch of hops, these caramels are perfect for the beer lover with a sweet tooth! Winner of the 2019 “Best New Piece” at the Retail Confectioners International Conference.

Craft Beer Brittle 

Cooked in copper kettles, Hilliards Chocolates Craft Beer Brittle combines their traditional peanut brittle’s local flavors with fresh-brewed craft beer from Shovel Town Brewery in Easton, MA. This Craft Beer Brittle delights the palate with a buttery sweet crunch followed by a nutty flavor from Spanish peanuts chased by a beer finish.

To order, contact: or reach out to them at Hilliards Chocolates, 316 Main Street, North Easton, Massachusetts 02356 or call 508-238-6231 / 800-286-8533