Social distancing, protesting, and other stressors of daily life are some of the reasons we don’t see relief when it’s all around us.

Living on the coast with an abundance of sun, wind, and water, means we have what dreams are made of, and depending on your motivation and ingenuity, you can harness them for your health and enjoyment for a small investment.

These water, sports don’t involve petroleum, you don’t need a trust fund to purchase equipment, or be a star athlete; basically, you select the apparatus of choice, take a lesson or two, and then it’s practice makes perfect.

Here are the facts, and a taste of how people of all ages are approaching the dilemma of being social, getting exercise, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Choose Your Poison—Paddleboard, Surfboard, Kayak, or Canoe?

With minimal effort, you can quickly figure out the amount of stamina needed to become proficient with the watercraft of your choice. Learning the necessary skills of operation is easy, and through a graduated learning curve, you won’t feel pressured to reach outside your comfort zone to have fun.

Start slowly and work your way up. At the same time, consider your objectives; do you seek inner peace, camaraderie, are you looking for a date, an adrenaline rush, or to get buffed? These goals will help you decide where to begin and likely end up.

Be Social—Stay Distant

Few sports or activities intrinsically allow space to exist between participants. Personal contact sports are out of fashion—at least for now—and so, these self-initiated activities mean you can fully participate while chatting with a friend and still maintaining a safe distance.

The Sun’s Okay—But Wear Protection

Sorry to sound like your mom, but the strength of UV waves aren’t what they used to be; regardless of the excuses you have for not wearing sunscreen, its time to get a tube of SPF 50-70, and lather it on. Not doing so is so mid-century.

Shape Up—Forget the Diets

Get out on the water multiple times a week. Carrying equipment, paddling, swimming, or racing burns calories. The endurance, balance, and core strength you build while working out translates into a healthier body and better coordination. Plus, filling your lungs with fresh air has a myriad of benefits.

Come ye Singles—Find a Date

We know it hasn’t been easy; phone dates, Zoom encounters, and less than satisfying social interactions probably have you climbing the walls—so much—you embarrassingly collected phone numbers at your last protest. Seize this opportunity to get out of the house. There are plenty of locations to rent water sports equipment. And, without a doubt, you’ll find someone in a similar position.

Living on the coast with an abundance of sun, wind, and water means we have what dreams are made of...

Touching Your Soul

Some practice yoga, while others find serenity when
paddling among nature. The coastline has plenty of marshes
and secluded ponds offering peaceful meditation. Quiet time is more difficult to find, so when capturing your peace, you can enjoy the benefits of self-reflection and the chance to calm the senses.

Challenge Nature

If you long for exhilaration, then the coast of Newport is for you. Most days, the waves gently brush the shore, but if a nor’easter comes along, be ready to do battle with white water and pounding surf, it’s you against the tide.

Words of Wisdom

It doesn’t matter how well you swim, or how brave you are; safety around water is vital. Be sure to leave a float-plan with a responsible person. Let them know your destination, launching point, time table, and phone number. Remind them that if they don’t hear from you according to the plan, they should reach out and confirm your status.


Be sure you’re attached to a leash and wear a flotation device; bring fresh-water, a protein snack, sunscreen, lip balm, warm shirt or light vest; things that will keep you warm and dry if you find you ventured out beyond sight or get lost after dusk—be prepared.

Have Fun

It’s time to realize bars are out; water is in. Sitting in a stadium isn’t cool, but sitting around a bonfire with friends after a day of sea-kayaking or paddleboarding is nirvana.